Toggle the recents instead to a list from Reminders

Would love to be able to see a quick list of reminders under the calendar instead of recently edited notes.

This would essentially solve that “todo” list that people keep asking about on here.

What do you think and is it possible?

You mean reminders that don’t have a due date?

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It would be more useful to me to see the reminders (kind of like ios reminder widget for home screen) in that corner when im writing where i can choose what reminders list shows or embeds there just like the widget. This way as im taking notes and adding reminders even if i can update or toggle them i can see the list there to stay on top of things i need to do without switching context and leaving my notes unless necessary.

Since recent notes is only sometimes on my mind as im writing but what i was supposed to remember is usally what worries me and is top of mind and being right under calendar is epic.

Thanks, we’ll take your feedback on board.

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Oh, that’s exciting! This eliminates me needing to have my calendar app, my reminders app and Agenda open. For iPad OS on stage manager that opens up the floor for other apps. Since the limit is 4 per stage. Truly that would be a super effective update/feature.

Especially since I go between needing to find the link to a zoom meeting in the calendar, to needing to see what reminders I had set up to looking back to the notes - and finally getting a good look at the day in terms of events, tasks and notes to review.

Appreciate the immaculate design your app has.

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Something like this would be super cool to toggle on instead of recently edited notes.

I did see the reminders pop up in the right hand calendar now. unsure if that was always the case. Sometimes I dont add dates to reminders though.

Just thought I’d bring this back up.

I see - I can also change the calendar to show me just today - however when I close the app and open it again it doesn’t keep my preferred view. That would help a lot.

Lastly, I see that I can just see my reminders there in the calendar. Thats actually perfect but I usually have to close and reopen the app for the reminder to pop up on the calendar sync. Is this accurate behavior?