Toggle paragraph?

Just downloaded 2.2

Release notes say: "You can now toggle back and forth between a paragraph style and body text.”

Sounds great - but how?

Just apply the same style again. Eg. If you are in a list, use the command for the list, and you go back to body text.

  1. type an item
  2. Hit CMD-SHIFT-C to make a checklist item
  3. Hit CMD-SHIFT-C again to go back to body text

Ah, thanks. I hoped one could toggle through all the styles.

I was hoping for the Quip approach

Backtick (`) key: Toggle styles between different types of headings and lists

I generally want to get my thought down before worrying whether it should be a heading or not, and so starting with # etc doesn’t cut it.

I’m trying to remember the keyboard commands, but ctrl-cmd-1 etc is not easy one handed. The beauty of the backtick toggle is it’s just one command (in fact just one key, no contortion needed!) that gives one all the styles one needs whatever stage of writing one is at.

Doesn’t seem like a particularly efficient way to go. I think the markdown support is good for not having to think too much.

We have about 10 paragraph styles, I think, so moving through them one at a time will take you at least as long as going to a menu or clicking the paragraph style control left.

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It’s your app! Just sharing my experience. I use Quip a lot and I find that
solution works really well. It’s may be counter intuitive, but hitting ` is
one keystroke, compared to two (alt £ for #) or 3 (ctrl-cmd-1) to get
Heading 1, which is the most common style after body that I use. ``` for
heading 3. It’s fast and no thinking or memory required.

I’ll hold my peace now.

Feedback is most welcome. No need to “hold your peace” :slight_smile:

I just think if you hit three backticks, you can just as easy hit three # symbols. And we would have to figure out how people could type a backtick, which is used for fixed width text.

I haven’t used Quip. Maybe they have a different entry model where using backtick makes more sense to move through the styles. We don’t present the styles in order anywhere, so not sure it would make sense to linearly move through them.

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