Toggle edit on CMD-Return

It is self explanatory. As a lot of apps do

  • when I’m editing a note and pressing CMD-Return, Agenda should save the note, end editing and switch into note selection
  • when a note is selected (not edited) pressing the same keyboard shortcut should start editing at the end of the note

Now, with this selection mode in place, we should have keyboard shortcuts (something+arrow up/down) to navigate up and down between notes on the timeline.

CMD-Return is more for forms, not text editors. In fact, we get a lot of requests for making this a non-breaking return (currently CTRL-Return).

You can already use arrows to navigate up and down between notes.

When the note is selected, you can press return to start editing.

But we do need to look at the keyboard shortcut consistency. Will be doing that.


Hi Drew,

You’re talking about the Mac version right ? On the iPad these shortcuts badly miss.

Yes, we tried to do it on iOS, but we couldn’t find a way to capture the shortcut. iOS was preventing us doing that. We will try to think of a different shortcut in future.