Toggle Dark/Light mode?

On the Mac, it would be great to be able to toggle between Dark and Light Modes via a keyboard command or a top level menu command.

I realise it may be a niche request! I use Agenda to take notes during Zoom calls, with Zoom covering half the screen and Agenda the other half. The brightness of the Agenda light mode reflects off my spectacles making it difficult to see my eyes which is a bit weird!

Going to System Prefs or Agenda Pref to change this is a pain - I generally want to be in Light mode at all other times.

Thanks for the suggestion, I can see the use but as you say am afraid it would be useful to too few people to warrant the extra UI at this point.

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A quick search reveals ways of toggling dark/light mode system-wide using Automator, and you can also tell Siri “switch to dark mode”.

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