Toggl Integration


So I cannot tell you how happy I am to have come across this application. A large part of my workflow revolves around using Toggl ( to track the time I do my work. Now toggl handles almost everything I need with 1 exception. It does not allow me to input notes on a task, project, client, etc. I am very note/documentation heavy. Agenda has been a blessing for this and I only wish I had found this sooner.

Is there any way to integrate via Toggl’s API, their time tracking features and Agenda’s Notes abilities? This for me would be HUGE!!! It seems like the use of tags, clients, projects, and tasks would fit intuitively between both applications.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I appreciate your time and assistance in this matter. Crossing fingers that this could be a feature, one day.

Once again thank you.

It’s tricky for us to integrate with every tool out there, but we do offer x-callback-url integration, which might help. That is getting more powerful all the time, too.

Best take a look at the Shortcuts section of the community if you are interested. It is here:

What would the integrations look like? And on what platform?

I think it is safe to say Agenda is Mac & iOS only, so…

I am curious whether Agenda can export time reports in a manner that is useful…more experimentation…

I don’t need automatic tracking (though it would be a nice option, especially location specific) but it would be nice if I could see how I spend time and be able to export as needed.

I can imagine using Shortcuts on iOS (and/or Automator or whatever automation tool you like on Mac OS) to start a Toggl timer associated with a note, and I can imagine using it to import a report from Toggl or creating a note from a Toggl project.