Todo management

I love this app and I would love a simple todo manager built in. When i tam taking notes I would love to assign it to a person and also mark it as a todo. THen have a view where i can see all the todos, and check them off. Saves me from having to use another todo manager. Thoughts? How are people managing their todos today?

I have mine synced up with Things and send them all to that inbox by default. I also used to use it in Apple Reminders which is the default app synced up with Agenda’s reminders. Things 3 works really well.

Note that Agenda tends to have integrations with existing apps, like Calendar and Reminder, rather than trying to be every type of app.

To create a todo/reminder, you can type \remind on the line of a checklist item. That will create a reminder in the Reminders app, with the same title. You can work with that reminder directly in Agenda, and it will update in the Reminders app.

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I use notes with their done status as tasks a lot.

Fleeting todos are created within a Logbook → Year → Month structure, mostly as one task per note. Really “small game” stays as checkboxed (sub) tasks in the one daily note (that keeps the default date title) I eventually create per day along with other short “logging notes”.

Project tasks are created inside dedicated projects in a “Projects” category (so that completed projects can be archived).

In both cases I treat the dates (or, quite often date ranges) of task notes as (start and) due dates (that get moved if necessary). (Notes that really are “just notes” usually keep the date of their creation.)

Some small-ish anytime/on-hold/resubmission stuff that doesn’t justify the creation of a dedicated project (yet) but which I don’t want to loose stays in my “Documentation” structure (where I otherwise only keep notes of a more permanent nature) until eventually I get round to them (or they are no longer relevant—whichever comes first :innocent:).

They tend to have no dates (dates on permanent notes otherwise usually denote the date of creation of update, if they have one at all—a lot of especially older notes from the time before Agenda do not) but get tagged with on-hold or resubmission. If I start working one of these I either move it into the logbook structure or create a project, depending on the anticipated “size”.

I use Apple Reminders only for repeating tasks (and some family and shopping lists shared with the wife).

This, for me, works very well right now. One motivation is to keep my toolchain lean. (I used Things and Ulysses for a long time but increasingly found it desirable for tasks and notes not to live in separate apps/silos.)