Today View w/Navigation to Future and Past

I would like arrows on the Today screen so that I can look at the notes from yesterday or tomorrow, and days farther in the future or past.


You mean you don’t want a ‘today’ overview so much as a ‘on this date’ overview where it defaults to today?

Interesting idea. Thanks for the feedback!

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Yes, that’s it. I think I would still want it called “Today.” It’s an
inviting and relevant word.


Bumping this!

Because this doesn’t really make sense:

“No notes matching Yesterday for Today.”


This would be cool:


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I agree it’s a nice idea, unfortunately there are bigger fish to fry first, will keep it in the back of my mind though!

I strongly support arrow keys around Today.
Perhaps if on click Today it showed at the top
<- Today
And clicking on the <- would then change to showing
<- Yesterday ->

At present if you are going through your days notes (as I frequently do) its really irritating that after midnight you can’t look at them together any more…

Also, it would be useful if the listing under today could be in date order rather than grouped by projects. Frequently you are taking notes in a sequence on meetings, maybe taking notes in the meeting you’re in while, adding things you forgot to the meeting before. Having the notes adjacent makes this easier. I know you can navigate using the calendar, but its just easier if the notes are adjacent anyway.

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We indeed hope to offer more view options down the line, including an ungrouped mode.

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Me and my ADHD would be overjoyed if Today view had an ungrouped mode and the notes can be re-ordered as I see fit

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