"Today" view shows yesterday's notes on following day if Agenda stays opened

I tend to keep Agenda opened on my Mac from one day to the next.

When on the next day I click on the “Today” view in the sidebar, Agenda shows me the notes from the previous date. I guess it might be because the actual date shown by the “Today” filter does not change automatically when Agenda is opened and the date changes.

At that point the filter is named “Today” and shows yesterday. Because it shows me yesterday, the view title suggests I might want to save this view titled “Today” as a new one, even though there is already a view called “Today” in the sidebar.

If I quit Agenda and relaunch it, in the sidebar the “Today” view has been renamed “Yesterday”. If I click on the little dot in the date navigation everything gets back to normal.

I don’t know what the correct behavior should be :grimacing:… but having a filter called “Today” showing yesterday’s notes is clearly inconsistent.

I am running into the same types of issues with this new feature. I would like for the Today overview to stay just that. Show me my notes created today or assigned to today. Any guidance from the team on how to best use this change? Or keep the system working as it used to?

Same here. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong but this is in my opinion change to worse. Even when I click on “today” on the left overview, it opens a “last today” overview, which is, usually and in my case, yesterday…

We did add code to refresh the today overview upon a significant date change reported by the system, but perhaps that notification isn’t sent in all cases, we’ll try to fix this in the next update.

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Great to hear! Let me know if there are logs I could send you

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