Today section how do I get those due today and any overdue notes

I am trying to see all notes due today including overdue.

Would be helpful to add dates for checklist as well - is this a possibility?

You can do this by searching for due(today) in the searchfield, we hope to allow for more powerful overviews of these notes as well as unchecked todo list items in the future.

Does this still work? Is there a new way?

I only see No notes matching “#due(18. Sep 2019)” in any of your projects when inserting the search term you mentioned.

It might be the date format you picked, does it help if you enter it as #due(18-09-2019)?

This was the output generated by Agenda. See the attached screenshot for more clarity.

Ah, ok, in that case it works as expected. Can you show a note that you would have expected to appear?

For example that note which was set to due yesterday should appear (and all the ones before yesterday that are not done yet as well).

Ah, but when you say “set to due yesterday” do you mean you had a tag inside the note that was #due(Sep 22), or do you mean that it had an assigned date in the top right corner that was set to yesterday? These are two different things. If you want to search for those, simply tap the calendar icon left of the search field in the screenshot above and select the date range to filter on.

I was relating to the “macro” due(today). This becomes when inserted in the search field a tag with the # prefixed. I know that I can look for notes of yesterday, last week etc. via the calendar. I thought with the macro approach there is a way to get all notes due up until the date inserted, e.g. today. The calendar related feature works good enough though.

I haven’t used due tags before… does the relative search work for them too? For example, I did a search for “#due(1 week)” which correctly finds the notes tagged with a due date within the next week. Now I save that search as an overview…

Does the overview save with a relative value, so it will always find notes that are due within a week? Or did it parse the value of “1 week” so that the search value is fixed to “due(9/30/19)” ?

It does but only for tags, not for assigned dates. So for example, if today (Sep 23) I add #due(today) to a note, then tomorrow if I search for #due(yesterday) it should show up in the search results, as well as notes that have #due(September 22) etc. What dates these notes have assigned to them is irrelevant at that point.

When saving the overview you will be asked which of the two options you’d like…

True, however, the screen is not clear to me about how it treats the #due tag. My understanding is that a due tag within a note is different from a note’s assigned date. It’s even less clear when you search a date range, and have a due tag.

So I’m wondering if when I save a “due” search (not an assigned date search), does the first option maintain a relative date – so it’s always treated as due(tomorrow) – or does it evaluate the value, same as typing due(tomorrow) in a note today gets evaluated to due(9/24/19). And how does it work when you select an assigned date range?

Anyway, I just tested out basic due search by adding #due(tomorrow) to a note, saving a search with due(today), and then manually setting the computer’s date to 9/24. The note showed up. So it is relative.

Another thing I learned is that there’s nothing special about the #due tag – it’s actually the tag value that’s important. So I can have different sets of tags such as #due(1 month) and #do(1 month) to distinguish between things that have “due dates” (there’s an undesirable consequence to not completing it by that date) and “do dates” (target dates that I want to complete something, minimal / no consequences if it doesn’t happen). I think this can greatly simplify how I plan out goals and projects.

OK. This was a complete misunderstanding from myself. Thanks for the clarification.