Today overview arrows are labeled backwards

I don’t think I’ve seen this reported yet.

What I did: Hovered over the navigation arrows to see what they do, clicked.

What happened: They went the wrong way.

What I expected: They go the way they say they will.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

    Agenda 13.1.1 / MacOS 10.15.7

fwiw my natural inclination is that the up arrow = tomorrow, and the down arrow = yesterday. That’s what the tooltip says. But clicking the arrows actually go the other way. I can live with either one, it’s just helpful if the tooltip and the behavior are consistent :slight_smile:

(for some reason in my screencap the tooltips appear only very briefly, but you should be able to spot it)


Ah, thanks, indeed switched the tooltips, we’ll fix that. The buttons work properly as in all other situations the down arrow means the next batch (month/day) and the up arrow the previous one.