Today + Button Dialog

My side bar is pretty full with 16 Projects in 3 Categories. If I am on the Today page and click on the + button at the top to create a new note the project picker box that appears is not big enough to show all my projects and does not scroll to show the rest. It shows only 2 of my categories both containing 3 projects.

Hmm, are you sure it can’t scroll. I thought it should. If you move to the bottom, does it scroll up?


I can not get it to scroll. I have tried moving to the bottom, using two finger push up on trackpad and using the arrow keys.

It’s definitely scrolling in my copy. Can you take a screenshot?

What are you trying to scroll with? Trackpad? Magic mouse? Scroll wheel?

I am trying to scroll with the built in trackpad on 2017 MacBook pro 15” and I have tried it with a Magic Mouse on the same Mac. I am using Agenda Ver 1.3 from Mac App Store.

Whoa, that’s odd. I can see from the screenshot that it isn’t really a scrolling issue. The New Project is the bottom of the list. For some reason the green category projects are not being shown.

Is there anything you can say about those projects that is different to the others? Eg. how you made them? Did you import, for example?

I made all the projects and categories in the same way by clicking the + in the bottom left of the sidebar. I have not done any importing or exporting yet.

Just created another category with test projects in and it shows up. It is under the green category in the side bar.

As the above seemed to work and I now know scrolling exists I moved the missing projects into the test category, deleted my business category and then renamed the test category to my business. It is working as it should now with scrolling.

Very odd, glad you managed to get it to work properly again, but let us know if it happens again.
Ah, one more question, did you perhaps originally start by renaming the Sample projects category to be called Business?

Thanks for your help. It was a few days ago now so I can not be sure but I think I probably did rename the sample project category.

Ok, good to know, cheers.