TOC Column between the Projects sidebar and the Notes

One thing I struggle with is finding the right note quickly without having to do a search. Its not that search isn’t quick, it is, its just that searches provide so many more items than what I’m really looking for. I’ve tried to work around current features but it seems that something important is missing… the ability to see the TOC within a given folder.
If we could have a TOC column between the Projects sidebar and the Notes section, that would be tremendously helpful, particularly if we could sort by date or perhaps alphabetically. Is this something that is in the works? Seems like a logical next step. Please let me know your thoughts, thank you!

We have no plans for a so-called 3 column layout, but have you discovered the TOC by clicking the header at the top of the notes (the project or overview name)? It gives this rapid overview and allows you to jump to the right note. You can even just start typing to filter it down: