To do vs integration

I see a lot of integration ideas to a plethora of to do’s apps.
I was under the impression that the goal here is to have Agenda is the GTD hub, isn’t it?

What’s missing in my mind is a good to do page, gathering all to do’s from the notes with context divided by dates (that can also appear in the today section)

Without it Agenda remains a journal and nothing much more than that…

An overview of all open to do items is a much requested feature and certainly something we’d like to add in a future update.

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just want to say that i highly reccomned you take a look at Dropbox paper, they nailed the todo view UI.

and i belive this is a highly valued MVP for Agenda.
this is a deal breaker for me and at least 4 other people i reccomended agenda to and decided not to use it due to this missing feature

What is a “to do” in Agenda? Is it a note that hasn’t been completed? A checklist item? A reminder? A tagged note?

I generally want something like this but am not quite sure what people mean with this request, and what Agenda would consider a “to do.”

We’d most likely qualify a “to do” as an unchecked checklist item within the context of Agenda.

any updates here?
the agregation of a "to do” across notes in a project or even cross projects is critical.
i cant find half the stuff i marked as a todo without scrolling throhg evety note in every project…