TO-DO Aggregator Tab

Kia ora @drewmccormack @mekentosj

I was wondering if this could be considered for a IxD improvement investigation:


Automated ToDo aggregator Tab


A utility button/tab (top left) that automatically captures todos that have been created throughout different projects for processing.


As a user, although I can add/remove project pages to the “On The Agenda” tab, with time, it gets progressively harder to remember which project contains tasks I would like to quickly look into for processing, prioritisation and action.

CNH (Cost of Not Having):

With a moderate to higher volume of notes, projects and its respective tasks, it becomes easier and more frequent for things to fall to the way side. Agenda is perfect for low volumes of the above and the “On The Agenda” tab/feature perfectly caters for it.

However, as context and content grows, the need for a quick access into all that needs to be done (and a pass to prioritise them for the "On The Agenda”) becomes more and more of a necessity in order to keep things the “Agenda Way” (nice and fluid).

Cheers for considering this and for your time.



I think the upcoming releases will make you happy. We intend to add search and filtering features that should make this possible to do yourself, and we are considering even building in such an overview. Either way, this is coming, although it requires some big changes, so don’t expect it next week. We are working on it.


Warm cheers for the incredibly useful consideration and release mate. Most grateful.

Salutes from New Zealand.

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