Titling a new Note within a Project



Sometimes, when I select the Calendar icon, I can assign the date and it becomes the title. However, other times, the date is assigned, the Note remains untitled. Please explain. I can flex to the situation (assuming I am not making a mistake), but need to understand the rationale.


Indeed it assigns the selected date as the title if:

  • the note doesn’t have already a non-default title (i.e. different from Untitled Note)
  • you don’t pick a calendar event but only a date


This sounds useful if I understand you right: it’s possible to create a new note and using the calendar, make the title of the date, today’s date.

I’ve tried but the note’s title remains ‘Untitled’. What am I doing wrong?



One needs to click the date in the date picker in the note, not the calendar in the sidebar!


Just tried this on iPad. Doesn’t seem to work. Is that expected?


I’ve tried, on both my iPad Pro (12.9”) first gen, with iOS12 Beta 11, and also with my iPad Pro (10.5”) and I am not able to title the note with the date using suggestions I have read.
However, I accidentally stumbled onto a procedure that seems to work consistently:
1.Select a project
2. Create a new Note (click on the “+”.
3. Select the ‘calendar’ icon.
4. When the calendar opens, on my iPad: the current date is highlighted and at the bottom of the calendar, centered, it reads “Assigned to: Today.
5. Select the highlighted current date, and in the lower right-hand corner of the calendar, select ‘Remove Date’
6. Next, select the calendar icon, and in the lower right-hand corner, select ‘Assign Date’

The procedure I’ve outlined above, is the only way I can get the current date assigned.
It is easier for me just to type in the current date.
The Assign Date option used to appear as an option in earlier versions of Agenda. Until this problem is resolved, I will just type in the date.


@ssugiyama19 Do you perhaps have the preference enabled that always assigns today’s date to any new note? In that case it indeed won’t work until you remove and reassign a date.


I do have “Assign New Notes to Today” enabled. I am surprised, because of the wording, that this nullifies enabling the note to be titled by the current date.

My naming issue is now resolved. So, does the enabling imply that the ‘New Note’ will always be ‘Today’ everyday? Or?


Sam Sugiyama


Every new note will be assigned Today, but that’s just a useful mask for the actual date. If today is September 1, 2018 and I write a new note, it will be assigned to Today. A couple of weeks from now, if I look for that same note, it will show the date as Sep 1, 2018 rather than Today.

To illustrate Agenda’s Assign Date progression (please correct my assumptions here, guys):

For a note I created this morning, September 1, 2018, each day’s display will progress from Today, to Yesterday, and then Last Saturday for a total of six days. Seven days later it will begin to display the actual date of Sep 1, 2018.


Thank you! It would seem to be useful to have Agenda also specify the default title to be “Today’s” date rather than leaving it blank, unless the user types in a specific alternative.

Sam Sugiyama


I think there may be confusion between adding the date to a note’s title and the date associated with the note via the date picker.

For my own use I only find it helpful to add the date to the title for my daily journal. For other notes I have a descriptive title and the dates via the date picker.


That does indeed make sense if you have the option enabled, we’ll think about it.