Title inheriting from event

In previous versions of Agenda, the default title of new note was “Untitled”, and if linked to a calendar event, the title was taken from the event. Now, the default appears to be the date, but it does not update when linked to a calendar event. I’d prefer that the note title updates to the event one when sync’d, like previous behavior.


Hmm, that might be a bug, we’ll have a look.

I’m seeing the same issue. Creating and linking a new note to a calendar event no longer updates the note title to match the calendar event name.

This should be fixed in the 9.1 update coming out in the next few days.

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On 9.1.1 the issue is still present.

Any chance you could post (or emailing to it alex@agenda.com) a screen recording showing the steps you take?

yes, I sent it already

Many thanks Eduardo, I see what’s going on already, you have the setting enabled to automatically assign today’s date, which also sets the title. This is considered a non-default title and therefore we don’t override it with the event title. We’ll see if we can improve on this.