Title font size on iPhone


I tend to use Agenda on my iPhone for quickly adding to notes or looking up a note.

Quickly usually means one handed, means portrait. I’m finding the font size of titles makes it difficult to distinguish between notes which start with the same few words, because the title is truncated. (Eg “Event About Something: attendees” and ”Event About Something: catering” )

Switching to landscape solves that problem, but i then have to switch back to portrait to type or swipe easily.

Could the font of longer titles be smaller, and/or could long titles be over two lines? Appreciate it may be tricky to do elegantly.


We have some ideas about how to fix this. Just need to find some time. Stay tuned!

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Please fix this, it’s so annoying to see truncated titles on portrait iphones, it would be great to add multiple lines or a way to open the note una full screen editing mode.