Timeline on the Agenda



Is it possible to see “On The Agenda” organized according the timeline (at the top notes for today with the time closer to the moment I am checking, then other times on the same date; followed by notes for tomorrow, etc); Or using other filtered categories, like priority or projects, to organize it? Thanks


Not quite sure what you mean here. Are you asking that we offer an option to not show the notes grouped by project? Ie that the projects get mixed, with notes only ordered on time?


Yes, this is what I mean…


It’s be nice to have a timeline section in which we can quickly glance at a horizontal graph to see what’s on the agenda. Sort of like a calendar heatmap.


Yes, I think it should be good to have more than one option to organize the On the Agenda main page ( for today too), maybe two or three, to meet the different style of working of each of us :slight_smile:


OK, thanks. Yes we have heard that request quite a bit.


There is no graph, but worth trying out the “jump menu” at the top. Just click on the project title to get a list.