Timeline note icon shows notes in trash

In the timeline, I see a “double note” icon on a given date. I click on it, and I am presented with several notes associated with that date. I notice several notes that I do not recognise. Clicking on one, I am transported within the Trash, where said note resides.

I understand that even trashed notes still show up in the list of notes associated with a given day in the timeline. I find this surprising and a little confusing, as these notes are probably irrelevant, and are presented side-by-side with non-trashed notes in the selection menu. I would expect trashed notes to be hidden in the timeline note list. Are they shown on purpose?

In addition, when in the list timeline note list, nothing indicates that a note is in the trash. The list shows which project the note belongs to, so it appears equal to other, non-trashed notes. This is confusing too.

We only remove notes completely when the trash is emptied, the reason they still show up in the list is of technical nature, it would be a lot more costly in terms of performance to filter them out (again for technical reasons beyond the scope of this discussion). We’ll see if this can be improved down the road.

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Right. I usually almost never empty my trash, I’m never sure what could hide in there. If it impacts performance I’ll try to keep this in mind.