Timed reminders showing as All-Day

I notice that when I set a Reminder on Fantastical 2, with a specific day and the time, the time never appears on Agenda calendar. The Reminders are set on Agenda as All day events. Any suggestion?
I don’t know if this can affect the entire process, but I have connected Apple Reminders with Microsoft To-Do, as I prefer to use the last one as the main app for Reminders.

@maurizio, the question is simply, how do these reminders show up in the Reminders app, is the time shown there?

Ah, you’re right! I have just double checked my tasks on Apple Reminders and they don’t show the time, only the day…it’s weird!
I set my reminders using Fantastical 2 or Microsoft To-Do, I never use Apple Reminders, and in these two apps the time appears regularly. Any suggestion?

I made some tests: I created a reminder on Fantastical 2 and on Microsoft To-Do with a specific day and time, and they appear regularly on Apple Reminders with date and time as expected. However, both appear on Agenda as all day events.

Ok, we’ll have a look if we can reproduce it

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