Three-finger swipe to go back/forward


Native macOS apps typically support three-finger swipe for going back/forward, so it would be great if Agenda could support this.



In safari, it is a two finger swipe, but we use that for opening/closing the sidebars. 3 fingers for history navigation is not a bad idea. Will take it along.

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Thanks. Safari works with 3 fingers when you have the Trackpad settings like this:

I see. Yeah, you can control it. I think the default is still 2 fingers, since two fingers is for scrolling in general, and it works like a sideways scroll.

But the point is well made. A three finger scroll might be a nice way to go back in history. I use the 2 finger one all the time in Safari.

Thank you. I wasn’t aware of the two-finger swipe to open/close the sidebars; it’s useful. However, I find it unpredictable what will happen. For example, just now when I swiped two fingers to the left near the right side of the window with the related sidebar closed, it opened but the projects sidebar closed unexpectedly. Also, I’ve had it happen where the sidebar further away from my mouse cursor responds instead of the sidebar I expect. Is there a trick to where you’re supposed to swipe?

Also, I notice that when a sidebar is open and you swipe while the cursor is over the sidebar, it doesn’t close.

It should take account of where the cursor is. If you swipe left when cursor is near the right edge, it should open the right bar. Same on left, I think.

If the cursor isn’t near an edge, it just applies to whichever sidebar makes sense with the current state. Eg. If left bar is opened, swipe left closes it. Swiping left again opens right bar.

OK - it generally works as you say, but I find it a bit temperamental. I’m preferring using the CMD-OPT-C and CMD-OPT-S shortcuts.