This Week vs Today


Look time flirting with Agenda but I have now committed to using it and have purchased Premium for use across my Mac, iPad and iPhone. As I set it up though I found one peculiar preference distinction that I just cannot figure out how to adjust.

On my Mac I see a ’This week’ in the overview sidebar denoted by a calendar icon. I did not create this from a smart overview, it seems to be baked in. I love it. On my iPad and iPhone however there is no ’This week’ instead I see ’Today’ again with a calendar icon. Again, I did not create this smart overview it seems to be baked in.

How do I get both the pre-baked ’Today’ and ’This week’ to appear on the overviews sidebar across all my devices for consistency?

Thank You

If you go to the Today overview and click the search button, then select the This week preset in the calendar picker, it will use that selection instead of Today. It’s a bit hidden I have to admit, we’ll see if that can be made more obvious


Amazing! Done. Ty. And kudos on a great product. Being productive with it so far!

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I also had no idea this was possible. Thank you!

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