Things 3 workflow for Agenda links

Is there a way to have links created so that through Shorcuts you can make it easy to put them in agenda? A workflow if you will? can you attach the shortcut if anyone made it? i know they made one for Things 3 and Bear.

Don’t know, but I would love to link Notability to Agenda.

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Would love to see the Things workflow…

I don’t know if it’s what you want, but I created a shortcut that does the following:

  1. Input is any selected or shared text.
  2. Asks you for a title for the Things task (and also some things about due date etc, which could be made optional)
  3. Creates a Things task with a link to an Agenda note (since we know already what name the note will have).
  4. Creates the note in Agenda in “Task notes” project.
  5. Puts a link back to the Things task at the top of the note.
  6. Pastes the selected text into the note.

It works well enough but I want to make it possible to handle rich text or markup, and to save other files as attachments.


I want it to be able to work similarly to the video

Watch “Bear and Things Screencast” on Vimeo:

However, with the new update of shortcuts u don’t need to go to the shortcuts app anymore u can just share it to shortcuts. If possible, I was looking to see if I could just have the link copied and attached to an existing event In agenda or be able to create an event.

That sounds interesting, @admkenshin! Would you mind to share the shortcut? I am unable to reproduce it.

Maybe when I’ve cleaned it up a bit, right now it has a lot of specifics related to my job.

However the cornerstone is x-callback-urls. I use Shortcuts’ built in Things task creation, which returns the created task ID. Then I use urls to create a note with the same name in Agenda, and put a link like things:///show?ID=xxxxxxxxxx at the top of the note.

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Has anyone been able to create a Shortcut that I can reference? I’m having trouble getting one to work.

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Hey! Yea, I created a workflow that works with fantastical. This allows me to use the dates and also the individual tasks from any project and move them to fantastical. I mainly use it for inbox. Since fantastical syncs with my calendars it then syncs with agenda. So all of my events come out in agenda if I make them into events instead of reminder (how I show them in the video). When agenda supports reminders then u will no longer need to make them into events and can just make them into reminders so that they show up in agenda. Nevertheless, fantastical is great for reminders so I don’t use agenda for reminders. Here you go!

Here are the links:!As-w4l1K5sUCg70M49qz_GTymvJlbw (Video) (Shortcut)