The new To Do overview - criteria?

Loving 19. I’ve not decided how I’ll revise my workflow to incorporate it, but I know it will be a massive step forward. Thank you! One issue however…

It would seem much more logical if the To Do overview on excluded Notes that are marked Done.

Often I have note with a check list of tasks that don’t ever get completed. Because plans changed, the project was cancelled etc.

Until now I have managed this by marking the Note as done.

But with these notes are included in To Do overview.

To make the To Do only show relevant notes I’ve applied Check All to old notes. I’ve now realised my old notes are no longer an accurate record of what I’ve done.

I’d really like to avoid this in future!

I realise I could set up a specific saved overview, but the built in To Do is then irrelevant.

Excluding Done Notes from To Do, or making it editable would be very welcome.

Great to hear you like the update so much, this is the nice thing of Agenda 19, it’s so much easier to create your own variants:

\todo NOT \done then Create Overview and you have the overview you want.

I see your point on the standard becoming irrelevant, we plan to not allow editing of the standard ToDo, but do allow more flexibility in hiding the standard overviews, as well as positioning your own in the sidebar.

Thanks. How do I hide or move the standard To Do? I’ve tried right clicking etc but can’t find the solution!

That’s because it’s planned, not yet there :smiley:

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