The date-assign panel



Thanks for developing this amazing app.

One small thing: could you please make it easier to assign the date (for example, through typing?) It becomes tricky when I want to go back or forward many months.



Great to hear you like Agenda so much!

In practise after you have used Agenda for a while you rarely back-date notes a lot, so we don’t feel there’s much need to adapt the panel. We do hear what you say and certainly in the beginning you might have quite a lot of notes with dates in the past. One thing I had almost forgotten, which [this post reminded me of] is that there is a trick that kind of does what you ask for. If you add the date in the title then Agenda tries to parse that and show the calendar date when you call up the calendar, for example if this is the title of the note:

Meeting 21 jan 2017

You’ll notice that the calendar popover will open with January 2017 visible. One thing that I noticed is that you do need to exit the title or hit enter before hitting the calendar icon if you have just changed the title in order to make sure it has been saved. I’ll try to see if I can fix that so that that’s no longer necessary.