The community button isn't tapable on mobile

What happens instead, is that the hunger menu pops up, since it is right next to it.

Confused. We don’t have a mobile app.

Sorry, I meant the website, when it is loaded on a mobile device.

Is this on iOS? What kind of device do you use?

iOS. iPhone 8.

Odd, for me it works fine. Perhaps easiest to use the link in the footer of the page instead then.

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Hmm, it’s working how for me. Not sure why it wasn’t before.

Thanks for letting us know, if you find out, we’d like to hear.

I tested it on both Safari and the in-app browser and it’s working fine now. I guess I was just sleepy and had poor motor control at the time or something like that.

That certainly happens to me now and then :smiley:

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