Thanks for making this app

First of all, thank you for making this beautiful app. Already using Agenda since last year, back and forth with other notes app, and finally come back here and purchased it. The beautiful crafted UI and UX just beyond from my pov.

Have a request so I can ditch all my todo list and task manager app and solely use Agenda is:

  1. Create recurring Reminder – because Agenda using Apple Reminder by default I maybe Agenda can have better support on this.
  2. Table formula – I know this is sound crazy, but simple table formula like SUM, SUBTRACT would be nice.
  3. Notes Title reminder - Instead of a specific line reminder is it possible to add reminder on the note title?
  4. Reminder on Table column - I can’t add reminder on table column or am I missing something?

Thanks again for making this app. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you like Agenda so much and thanks for the suggestions and feedback! We’ll take them on board!