Thanks for Agenda

I bought Agenda years ago, when it was first released. I tried using it, but could never get it to fit my workflow - and the app just felt a bit janky. So I moved on.

I’ve recently returned, and bought another 12 months. This time, the app is meeting my needs well. I want to say thanks to the development team for persisting with the development of the app over the many years it has been. The hard work really shows, and I am enjoying using Agenda and it is already now becoming integral to my workflow.

So, thank you!


That’s very kind of you to share, really happy to hear that! :blush:

I also want to say thank you for Agenda! I bought my 12 months a while ago already and it took me a while to really start using it regularly — but now that I do I just noticed that I cannot stand some other apps anymore. Agenda looks and acts so much nicer, smoother, user friendlier. You are really doing an excellent job enhancing, improving and polishing it, to the point that you are setting a standard that other apps just can no longer match. You rule! Keep up the excellent work! :heart:


That’s so nice to hear :pray: