Thank you

Agenda is incredible. The connection between note-taking, calendar, and reminders is truly brilliant.

I spent an untold number of hours researching Agenda before buying it. What ultimately lead me to purchase it were two things:

  • Unique pricing model. As a matter of personal principle, I never buy or use apps that require a subscription. I will spend any amount of money required for good software, and even pay more money for major upgrades. The Agenda model does exactly that: I can purchase the app as a one-time fee and retain all the current features even after the time expires. In short, I keep the app.

  • This forum community and the wealth of knowledge shared between productivity nerds. I also liked the Agenda YouTube channel and watched all the videos before purchasing.

There are other features that attracted me to Agenda. The ability to use Markdown, attachments in notes, timeline feature, and ability to export projects and notes into a wide variety of formats like Markdown, PDF, etc.

A++ app. It would gain an additional + if a Windows version was created <3.


Thanks for the positive feedback! We really appreciate it.

Indeed, the pricing model is designed to avoid the “app rental” model used by a lot of subscriptions. You keep what you pay for, and we can still try to get future income with good features that tempt you to buy again after your unlock period expires. Win-win.

Would be nice to have other platforms, but it is easier said than done for a team of Apple-platform developers. We just don’t have the same skills on Windows or Android. Perhaps one day we will add a web app, so other platforms can at least work that way.