Thank you first


Thank you first for that useful and handsome app,

Of course, it creates wishes. Here are some. Sorry, if I also mention things, which already may be realized. It is possible, that I may not have notices all details yet.


  1. Attachment to the notes (Files, pictures etc)
  2. File l should be opened immediately with the appropriate app, if you click on a file link in a note
  3. Import selected lists from MacOS Todo-App (Memories) as new projects
  4. Import projects from Things :slightly_smiling_face:
    (if they allow)

Thanks again for the app.

Thanks for the feedback! We have them on our radar.

One question: Did you find the app didn’t open properly for a link? What sort of file was it? What happened instead?

BTW We have real attachments planned for the not too distant future.


Hello Drew,

First I have to excuse. When I read more posts later, I saw, that most of my wishes already have been covered by other posts. If I had read them before, I probably had not written.

If I open a link, I only get a finder window, which shows the position of the file. It was a normal text file, as far I remember. My idea was, it could be open directly with the associated app or an open context menu („open with“)

Yes, attachments are indispensable, as you may see reading the other feature requests.

Cooperation with other task managers (things in my case) would be also desirable, but I am not sure, if it is so easy to realize and if it is dependent on the agreement of the companies who own that apps. May be, a first approach could be, to use clipboard.

Nice for further future would be a connection to several bug tracking tools like Jira, Youtrack, etc. via the ticket numbers, so I can refer to the tickets directly from agenda.
Including tables and a simple project related Kanban board would also be useful in my point of view.

Thanks so far for your efforts.

I see, that could be indeed. Files are probably only opened by Finder.

Note that you can drag things from other apps, and you get a link in Agenda. I know this works with OmniFocus, but it could also work with Things. Worth trying.


Thanks for the hint, I did not guess that and will try it later.