Text typing flow is sluggish with a few photos attached on the note

I notice Agenda for macOS (I’m using Macbook Pro 2018 on mojave) has some issues with typing performance. If a note has a few photos (to be exactly, I added 3 photos). Then typing on that notebook doesn’t feel responsive and the typing cursor doesn’t seem to catch up with your actual typing speed - this doesn’t happen when you add a new plain text note. Is this a known bug? It’s kind of annoying if I work on a long note.


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I’m afraid there is overhead to laying out images in a text area. That is probably what you are seeing.

We have optimized it a lot already, and will see if there are other options for making it faster.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Thanks! Should I avoid to add images into the note or do you have some tips to resolve this issue?

Does it help to make the images thumbnails? Or inline style?

I am having this same issue but only on long notes…

Any solutions?

I’m afraid laying out images is quite expensive, and if you also have a lot of text in a note, it will slow down a bit.

Ways to make things faster is to use thumbnails for images, instead of full width images. Also, you can of course split notes into multiple smaller notes. That should help too.

I actually don’t add any photos. I was speaking with your colleague Alex, and shared with me that the app is not built for having long notes. Thank you for the tip for splitting the notes, but that is not going to work great with my workflow, so I am going to have look elsewhere. I am working with Alex for a refund for my premium feature purchase. Thank you for your help.

Indeed the app is not optimised for notes that say span several pages of text, for that you are probably better off working with a dedicated word processor or manuscript writing tool.