Text paste bug

If you copy the text “+ 1” and then paste it, you only get “1”. Something is doing a numeric interpretation/simplification, treating the “+” as a sign indicator? This is not useful if the intention is to convert “1 + 1” into “1 + 1 + 1”.

Very odd. I am not aware of anything in Agenda that would do it. Or is it turning it into a list item?

I think a + with space at the start of the line is recognized as a list item in Agenda, just like the - and *. If you need to avoid it, you can change the paragraph style to “Preformatted” or use the “Fixed Width” style, and then paste.

Hope that helps!

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That’s understandable. Although the context should make it clear that it isn’t a list item. If there’s no newline preceding the text insertion point, and it’s not in an existing list item. Although in the second case, the expected behaviour would be to create a new list item, which would be less confusing than the current behaviour.

I’m not sure what you mean exactly, if I copy “+ 1” and paste it in a new note, I get a new list item with the text “1” because of what @drewmccormack explained.

Wow I forgot about this thread, sorry for delay.

Paste the text “+ 1” after some existing text.

Yes, if you paste it at the beginning of a new paragraph you get a list item. If you add it at the end of an existing paragraph, you just lost the “+ “.

That’s odd, could you make a quick screenrecording showing the exact steps you take?

Here you go. It looks like I’m just typing “1”, but I’m pasting the result of the selection. Not sure how this helps.

I think this is a technical issue due to how we internally process the copy. I believe the app is probably treating the copied text as a paragraph, and in a paragraph, a + at the start is treated as a list, so it removes that and makes a list, and when you paste the + is gone.

We have ideas for how to fix this in future. I think for now you are probably best to use Paste and Match Style. That will paste plain text, which should not remove the +.

Thanks for reporting this.