Text overlap on note header in wide window

What I did:
I opened the main window and made it very wide. There was about 1" on the left and right sides of the main window. People wouldn’t typically do this but I have keyboard shortcuts to layout windows on window sizes (1/2 left side, 1/3 right side, etc.)

What happened:
The header of the top note became malformed:

  • The note title and project titles overlapped to be unreadable
  • The horizontal rule for the note floated outside the note

What I expected:
No oerlapped text and a well-behaved HR.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

Does this happen every time? Does a restart of Agenda fix it?

Do you have any window tiling software installed?

A restart of Agenda fixed the problem. Magnet app is installed for tiling.


HI Dan,
Glad it is sorted out. We have heard of tools like magnet messing some windowing up in Agenda at times.
Kind regards,