Text layout corrupted with extra blank lines

What I did: Adding text to a note. Text was mainly headings with numbered/bullet lists. Format was fine

What happened: switched to a different app. Upon return to Agenda multiple blank lines had been added to note

What I expected: text not to e affected

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): iOS 12.1.3, Agenda 4.1.1

I have screenshots, the second is the messed up note. The first is not before, but re-edited to remove spaces .


The problem again. All I did was go to Community to create the fault report.

The same corruption occurs just by jumping to another note and back.

I see the same thing. It also seems to bring back previously deleted text in a seemingly random way. My impression is that it happens only (or more?) with my external keyboard (Logitech). I haven’t had time to research properly but atm Agenda is almost unusually. The text engine appears broken.

Nicklas’ suggestion about an “unwanted undo” is not inconsistent with what I have seen. However, I am working with the screen keyboard (iPad Pro 1”) not an external one.

Is the reproducible? Ie can you start a new note now and make it happen every time? Or is it something you saw once?

What is the history of the note in question. Was it typed from scratch on that device? Did you sync it to another device and edit it there? Was the text copied from somewhere else? Was the note imported? What about dragged between projects?

Yes it is reproducible. And it is true as Robert said that it isn’t just with the external keyboard. I have actually also lost text now that I wrote but that just disappeared after leaving the note. So it is pretty bad.

OK, looking into it now. Seems to be related only to lists. Will have a fix ASAP.

Do you actually see data loss?

What I see is extra empty lines appearing, which also force text out of the view. So I don’t see data loss, but it does cause hiding of some of the text, which makes it appear to be lost.

No, I’m sorry but it wasn’t actually lost. It just looked that way. It did indeed disappear, but reappeared again when deleting some blank lines before the text. So that was a relief. Thanks for looking into it!

Glad there was at least no data loss.

Looking into the problem right now.


I have NOT noticed data loss, but the issue seems to repeat in the particular note

The heading Testing the System keeps coming back. If I delete one of them, jump to another note and back the heading reappears.

The note was started from scratch on my iPad. Nothing was imported, but as you can see from the earlier screenshots, the context is entirely headings various lists type.

Drew- FWIW, I’ve seen the same ‘issue’ when using various Shortcut schemes to insert/append text to a Note in Agenda. Often, as I tested, Agenda would Open, the note would appear with apparently no text. Took me a while to notice that once selecting the note the text was not visible because several lines had been entered making the text ‘hide’.

Sorry, the NOT was missing in my last response.

I have repeated the same test to delete one instance of the duplicated heading and then jumping to another note and back. On my iphone the heading reappears on My iMac it does not.

We have submitted a fix for this issue, and requested expedited review. Hopefully it will be available very soon.

Apologies to all those affected (…which we estimate is just about anyone installing 4.1.1), and thank you for reporting it and helping us track it down.


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FYI, v4.1.1 never showed up for me.

Just to throw in a vote for this, getting very similar issue - extra lines appearing when I’m mixing dot points with todos, and then switch apps.

It’s iOS only. Be happy it didn’t show up :slight_smile: