Text keeps disappearing on fresh install

What I did: Installed app a half hour ago via Mac App Store on MacBook Pro running Mojave. Mojave is set to Dark Mode and Agenda color pref is set to System. I’m just reading through the Sample Projects and haven’t created any notes of my own.

What happened: Text keeps becoming invisible in the Sample Project notes. This has happened probably 10-15 times since I installed Agenda earlier tonight. The note text still takes up space (ie the note block is still the correct size) but the text is not shown on the screen and is not selectable. This seems to intermittently happen to some, but not all notes. If I open up the Prefs panel and change the color pref from System to Dark or Light it usually causes some/all of the text to reappear, but not always. Sometimes closing Agenda and reopening makes it reappear, but not always.

What I expected: Text should always be visible.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda v2.6 on 2018 MacBook Pro w/ Mojave 10.14.1.

When you say it becomes invisible, is the problem that the background of the text view goes white, so the white text doesn’t appear? Ie is the text there, but it has the same color as the background?

Does clicking on the text fix it?

The background stays the same color (dark if in dark mode, light if in light mode). The text is sometimes entirely invisible and sometimes it’s partially there, including some lines where the letters are cut off halfway through the line (vertically). I have screenshots I can send you via email (I don’t see a way to attach them to the forum). Clicking the text doesn’t seem to help, selecting doesn’t work, and collapsing/expanding the note doesn’t fix it. The only semi-reliable ways I’ve found to fix it are (a) quitting and reopening Agenda or (b) toggling from dark to light and back to dark.

Does entering a space in the text change anything?

It is possible this is some sort of internal crash, in which case restarting the app is the best option.

Where did you send the screenshots? Can you send them to drew@agenda.com?

Hi Drew - I’ll email the screenshots to you.

Got them. Thanks.