Text Formatting

Love Agenda, and once I figured out how it fits into my workflow, I immediately subscribed. Would love to see some minor tweaks to text formatting to make notes easier to scan.

  • Being able to adjust line spacing is great, but would love to have paragraphs, bullet points, etc. that span multiple lines have tighter line spacing than the the paragraphs, bullet points, etc. that come after.
  • Would love to see headings be a little larger to distinguish them from other text.
  • Having a “quote” tag and ability to insert a horizontal line division would also be great.

Thanks for creating such a great product and updating it regularly!

We will probably add the option to control spacings, fonts etc at some point. That is probably the best solution.

Note that lists are more tightly spaced by default than paragraphs. There is extra paragraph spacing between body text paragraphs. I guess you mean you want a 3rd paragraph spacing, which is between the body spacing and the list spacing. Will consider, but think the control options are best for this eventually.

Answer for headings is probably also control. We have them as they are because otherwise they start to compete with the note title for emphasis.

Thanks for the feedback!
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