Text formatting shortcut loses focus on mac

Good day to all.
Say i wanna highlight a word and change it to bold red, when i hit CMD-OPT-I to call the formatting palette, the palette shows up but each time i have to reselect the text and press again the shortcut to keep the focus on the selection and make it work.
It’s becoming annoying.
Thanks in advance.

You can drag the palette using the handle at the top to any position on screen you like (or use Command-Option-Shift-i), this way it will stay open if you select and reselect text.

Yes, indeed, but the problem is i don’t want to reselect the text, i just want to select it once.
I want a palette that opens when i recall it without losing focus on the text i selected.
Thank you for your answer :+1:

Perhaps I’m missing it, but doesn’t it work exactly like this when you use the floating (instead of popup) palette?

I only know the floating palette, wich i close when not needed.
I reported an unconfortable behaviour of the palette, for the developers to be aware.