Text colours don't work in tables

macOS - I’m unable to change the colour of text in a table, but I can do it outside of a table and then copy the text in?

That’s correct, this isn’t possible at the moment, we plan to bring more options

Great, thank you. I’ve attached a note at the top of a project to track the status of different parts. I’m using coloured circle emojis for different statuses. It might be nice to be able to colour the cells themselves, but this method works quite well.

It might not be relevant to your workflow, but one could presumably search on these emojis to find work at different stages. It gives me an idea!

Yes, it should! However, I just tested it, and Agenda didn’t show any notes for any emoji I used. I’ll report it as a separate issue.

The current search has some limitations. Good news is that we are working on a complete overhaul for Agenda 19.

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