Temporary date sort



I have a question that is best explained through a hypothetical:

Let’s say I have a journal filled with entries that don’t need to be sorted by date, so I leave them dateless. I arrange them as I please, and this works for me. But because I gave one of my notes a poor title, I can’t seem to find it. Searching isn’t helping either, because it was months ago and all I remember is that I was talking to someone named Bill when I wrote it. I didn’t write his name, though.

I do remember that I created the note sometime in January, though. Is there a way to sort by date again so I can go back in time and find that note?

If not, here’s another way this could be useful: I might create a project that doesn’t require organization by date, and is better off being sorted manually, but later on wish to write an article that details the process of the project’s creation over time. I might write a case study, for example. In that case, chronological ordering would help… but it’s only needed temporarily.

So, the cruz of my question: is there a way to temporarily re-sort manual items by date and then return to the manual order I had created?

Dates and Events

At the moment we don’t allow searching by creation date no, nor is this a property you can view for notes right now, this is something we might add at some point.

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