Good evening. I’ve never posted anything here, so if I’m not doing it correctly, please let me know. I was wondering if anyone would share some of the templates they have made?

Thank you.


I think this is a good topic. I moved it over to the Talk section, where it is likely to get more discussion going.

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Thank You.

I’ll add one that I use for photography. I break up my photoshoot locations by statewide “projects” (i.e., Colorado is one project, Iowa would be another, Papua New Guinea would be a third, and so forth). Each location has its own note, along with the following templated information:

–	Address: 
–	Grid Coordinates:  
–	Status: 
–	Date of Last Visit: 
## Notes

For the locations, type refers to locations that I break down by hashtag into the following categories:

  • Urbex/Rurex
  • Nature
  • Street
  • Product/Stock
  • Macro

Address is the street address or directions to the location.

Grid coordinates refers to the latitude and longitude of a location, which is useful for locations that are extremely rural or wilderness.

Status refers to sites as follows:

  • not yet visited
  • visited
  • additional information required
  • special equipment required
  • revisit possible
  • no revisit

Date of last visit is self-explanatory.

Notes is for research I use to either find a location, collect recordings from interviews taken at that location (a lot of these are spots I use for reporting), or gather outside info that fleshes out why the location is interesting.

I’d also love to see what others do with respect to templates.


On my side, I started using template together with a x-callback-url shortcut, so you can also set options like pinned, on the agenda or not, expanded or collapsed that can’t be set using the template only.
However since we can place only one shared_content shareholder I find it easier to just use the “text” parameter and basically create the “template” all through the shortcut. So it makes it more interactive as I can ask for as many inputs as I want, combine them with the text functions of shortcuts app and feed it to agenda through the x-callback-url. So in the end I dont need the template feature anymore.
The other nice thing using shortcuts with the x-callback-url feature is you can create an event in the calendar at the same time and link it to the note as well as reminders all in one action.

Yeah, I think that using the url schema and/or Shortcuts definitely creates the opportunity to have a more customizable and self-completing note for those who are comfortable with either. I kind of think that both haven’t really clicked with the general public, though. It would be interesting to see what percentage of Agenda users are actively creating notes through either.