Templates with tables causing iOS, iPadOS crash when launching template editor

What I did: Created a note that contains a table and added the note as a template. Attempted to launch the template editor.

What happened: Agenda for iOS and iPadOS crash

What I expected: Template editor to load

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Template editor will continue to crash the app until all Agenda data is completely deleted from iCloud and Agenda app is removed and reinstalled.

Thanks for reporting the issue, I have indeed seen some crashes been reported about templates and tables, we’ll dive into them.

One more question, how did you create those templates, by choosing a note and picking the Save as Template option, or starting from scratch in the template editor? If it’s the first, would it be possible to export the “source” note as an agenda file and email it to alex@agenda.com?

It was the former. I’ll send a sample over. Thanks!! :grin:

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@mekentosj Agenda 12.0.1 fix applied and the issue is resolved. Thanks so much!! :grin:

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