Template Text Actions Disappearing

What I did: opened the template editor by holding plus button then clicking “Manage Templates”, opened a previously made template (also tried this same thing in a brand new empty template with the same result), typed \reminder(tomorrow), hit enter.

What happened: the entire typed text action disappeared

What I expected: for it to stay there and be highlighted as a placeholder for creating new templates - I am trying to create a reminder template for keeping track of daily exercise and supplement intake, where each category with its checklist has a reminder attached to it that is triggered for that day at a specific time. Example: [] cold shower \reminder(today at 16:20). However, no matter how complex or simple the parameters are, or even if there are no parameters but only the action call, - the text just disappears and does not stay.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): tried this on macOS Ventura 13.1 Agenda Version 16.1 (263), and also on iOS 16.2 Agenda Version 16.1 (261). Same result on both devices. I would be happy to troubleshoot this, I also have a screen recording of this behavior. It’s pretty frustrating because I studied the reminder text actions extensively and practiced them inside notes, but for some reason they don’t transfer to templates.

Unfortunately for technical reasons the reminder actions are currently not supported inside templates, even though I totally get the use case. We’ll see if things can be made to work, thanks for the feedback!

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Thank you so much for a prompt response, I’m continuously amazed at how active the developers and the entire Agenda community are! I’m glad it’s not a bug, and that this feature might become reality in a future release.

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