Template Improvements

Before I reques this, I just want to confirm two things

  1. There is no keyboard shortcut to implement a template, that is done through the ‘\’ command.
  2. The title is not replaced with the template invocation using the ‘\’ command.

If both of those are true, I would like to request both. #2 would make #1 more bearable. I like being able to title my notes a certain way, or when I invoke a template, I want it titled a certain way.

The \ shortcut is indeed the way to insert the content of a template into another note. If however you want to have a new note created from a template, where also the title of the note is taken from the template, you can do so by click/tap-and-hold the plus button at the top of the screen.

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That’s what I figured, and the behavior I’m seeing.

This is more of a convenience thing. I can navigate just about everywhere in the app with the keyboard, except creating a templated note using a titling scheme.

I see, I’ll see if I can extend the \new action to be able to take a template parameter, something like: \new(using: Book Review).

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Update: I’ve just added this to the next update.

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