Template how does it works?

I should have missed something with template usage but English is not my mother tongue… :slight_smile:

I trying to create a template with a title Containing the date of today
A title
a list
A tag to a person

and would like to have this linked to my calendar with the correct name (title) and create a reminder for the same day both should contain the link to the agenda note
With the sample below it seems working except the name on the calendar event where is un named note instead of the title
Could you help ?

I think the confusion comes from the fact that you can indeed create a reminder for today in a template note (tip, you can also add the “title” parameter if you want the reminder to have a certain title), but you can’t create a new event from a template. You can only go the other way, from an existing event you can create a linked note from a template, and when you do so the event-notes and event-title parameters are filled in from the (existing) event you create the note for.

For now if you want to go the other way (create a new note and a new linked event to go with it), it can only be done on iOS/iPadOS using the Shortcuts app in combination with x-callback-urls