Teaching and Agenda

It took me a long time to work out Agenda! I knew what it did but couldn’t seem to fit it in to what I was doing. But after what might be as much as a year I’m using it all the time now.
All meetings, Zoom lessons etc are on my calendar and each has a note linked to it. Each class is a project and each new lesson a note. These are on the Agenda until I’ve taught them and then taken off. Links to any files I’m using for the lesson are added to the note.
Rather than fill a to-do app with tasks which then annoy me as other things crop up as they pester me for attention I have a weekly note with to-dos. Any that don’t get done are copied onto the next week’s note and the previous note is taken off the Agenda. What works well with this is the Mac option for moving checked items to the bottom of the list.
Thanks for a great app, I’m all in now!


Great to hear! Also make sure to check out this post on the topic:

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