Tasks that can be put on calendar

Either i have not figuerd it out, or it does not exist, but i would really fancy the opportunity to create a task that show up in Apple reminders and have it show up in the calendar. In fantastical I can do that, but i would love to to that while being in a note, that is connected to a meeting on the calendar.
so the workflow could be:

  • I create a note for a meeting i am in
  • I create a task that has a due date 1 day before the next follow up meeting
  • It show up in my calendar at the designated time, as well as in my apple reminders list.

Thanks. We have some ideas about integrating with reminders in future. Note that for now you can Copy As > Agenda Link, and paste that into a reminder.

You can also add a notification to your calendar event that appears the day before.

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This is a real point of friction coming from other another product like quip or fantastical. Would be great to able to set reminders for checklist items within a note.