Taskpaper benchmarking


I’m a really big fan and user of « taskpaper" and “folding text” too. Very easy to use, but import/export/print capabilities and no iPhone companion will be a “no go” in future for me.

Some idea you should try :

  1. Tag management :
    If I create a tag in taskpaper, it is automatically added to the tag list. No need to create a search etc. And if I filter by tag it only show tagged item, not the whole list
  2. auto format for projects, bullet or checklist
    If i create a chapter or a bullet, it auto format. Tab decrease or increment whereas is the cursor. So powerful.
  3. folding projects or bullet and sub-bullet is a must

Please give a try to taskpaper and if it is possible / allowed, implement in agenda, really

Thanks for the feedback. Most of these features are in Agenda already.

The tag manager is on our to do.

You can already create dash and checklists. Just type [] and space, and you are away. Typing tab will indent, shift tab will outdent.

You can’t fold a list, but you can collapse notes in a project. Just double click the top.


TY for reply.
Yes I know some are present.
But folding is taskpaper is more powerfull and propagate at any level.
Tag is auto created and do not need to search and save the search. As soon I create a tag, it is added to a list. Same for @ and #.
I’ve discover meanwhile [], yes it is good.

But really the « : » to create a heading is soo powerfull

Anyway, I’m waiting the implmentation of image , attachement and maybe an apple pencil companion :slight_smile:

I don’t understand the “:” for headings point. Can’t you just use “# Heading” or “## Heading” etc.

You are right,
I’ve tried and it works. Sorry

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