Task title disappeared and replaced by assigned date

Want to report an issue I encountered with the latest version of Agenda iOS APP.
When I created new task, i typed in the task title and returned to confirm first, and then I did the operation for assigning a date for this task. After I clicked ‘Complete’ at the up-right corner to confirm the assigned date, the task title changed from my input to the text of the assigned date.
I encountered this issue every time creating a new task.

Thanks for reporting the issue, it’s indeed known to us and a bug in Agenda 5.2. It should be fixed in the 5.3 update currently in beta. The workaround is to hit enter after editing the title, or add and delete a bit of text in the note to ensure it persists.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Glad to hear the dev team had known this issue and already fixed it. You are making the world better!

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