Task Management

Is there a way to mark tasks and projects as ‘Done’?

For tasks, you simply check them off. Click the checkbox.

You can mark a whole note as done too by long clicking on the yellow button.

Any way to “Mark as Done” AND "remove from On the Agenda” in one action? I find I frequently need to do both and it’s a bore having to bring up the dialog twice. (MacOS)

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+1 vote to add another dot on the iOS menu for controlling the appearance of On the Agenda dots. 1- Orange, 2- Orange & Check mark, 3- Clear & Check mark, 4- Clear.

At first I wondered why the check mark didn’t automatically remove the note from On the Agenda Overview, because “gee whiz, it’s done, isn’t it?” Then I realized all options are best. But I agree. It would be great to open the On The Agenda status chooser menu thingie (that’s a technical term, I’m sure you know) and just choose the right option the first time.

On the Mac there is this option already under the note menu:

Shortcut Command
⌥⌘ ⏎ Mark as Done Completely (also Removes from On the Agenda)

Could we also have right click to let one select Done AND Off the Agenda?

For those of us who struggle to remember key combinations?!

We don’t want to complicate that menu too much so I’m afraid it will be the key-combo/menu option only.

So… could we have something similar for iOS? I know I’ve already added a +1 vote. Adding a +1a vote. :grinning:

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