Tapping on a note ending with URL link

Tapping in the empty space on a right side of the note in a line that is ending with text URL (rich text URL link or plain link) or in subsequent lines behaves like the URL has been tapped even it was not. It does not even matter if the note is focused (in “edit mode”). The problem occurs in situations when the URL link continues “invisibly” through next lines – as the result of user’s editing behaviour: after creating a link, pressing Enter (once or more times), writing plain text again. The invisible link is “sticky” :slight_smile: and spreads accross lines.

Yup. I think this is a similar issue.

If you need replicating, I can do it.

Thanks for reporting it. We will investigate.

Kind regards,

Here you can see exactly how it behaves: http://zkrat.link/AgendaBug.